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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Lanyards

I wanted to make these ever since I saw a lanyard tutorial online.  I didn't think they would turn out so nice but they really did.  I use one at work with my badge and it's comfortable and just right.  Now everybody at work knows who I root for!  They are 18" long and just the right length.  I used swivel hooks because they work nice for badges, especially a two sided badge holder like I use.  I made these for the craft show and put these on my Etsy store for $8.00.

My first sale!

Wow, my first sale on Etsy.  I sold the Brown Floral Rice pack set.  Thanks Rene!  Hopefully this will lead to more sales :)

Spindle Snowman

This was a fun craft.  I saw this on Pinterest and just thought they were adorable.  This was a very inexpensive craft, the spindles only cost around $2.00.  I am selling these at my craft show in December for $12 each. These will look nice on someone's doorstep or by the christmas tree.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Wreaths!

I have been thinking about this craft for awhile and finally plunged right in and did it.  Kind of using my own combination of techniques, mostly ruffled, and some tubes.  I have been selling these for $40 each around town to my friends, have sold 4 of them already.  Taking what I have left, if any, to the December craft show at the Aberdeen Fire Hall on December 6th.  UPDATE:  Just sold 1 more wreath today, only 2 left to take to the show now.

Two of my favorites, I made 7 in all.  Both of these have been sold.  I will be attempting christmas wreaths next week. purchased enough materials to make 3 wreaths.  Hope they look good and not gawdy, we shall see!

Sectioned Microwave Rice Filled Neck Warmer/Heating Pad

I've come a long way from the simple neck warmers I made for my gift baskets in 2008. I actually started my first Etsy store and put these up. I made these for my craft show in December, thought they would make nice gifts. I made these with rice and they are sectioned so the rice doesn't fall to one side and leave an empty area inside the warmer. I am having a lot of fun making these and I am using that little sewing machine my sister Victoria Lavender gave me back in 2008.  I decided to make matching drawstring bags for mine and don't see anybody doing this on Etsy. Makes them much more attractive as a gift. Selling them for $15 each on my Etsy Store KraftsByKemi.  I'll be lucky to sell any because there are about 5,000 other neck warmer products on Etsy, but who knows?

UPDATE:  I have sold over 50 of these since my Etsy store went up end of October 2014.  Seems I was found through the other 5,000 similar products, very cool!  I also purchased a bigger/better sewing machine in December to keep up with the orders!


This little sewing machine is working great.  I thought about purchasing a newer, better one, but I'm not much on sewing so why, when this is doing the job. 

Just made this one tonight and I love the pattern.  Had trouble with the little sewing machine tonight and almost threw it in the trash.  But I finally figured out the problem and was sewing again.  If this thing isn't threaded exactly right it goes all haywire.  It looks larger in the photos, it's actually only 9" high and 10" wide.

Wine Glass Snowman Tea Light Holders

Wow, I haven't posted on this blog since 2008.  Well it's time to dust it off and post some of my projects.  I saw these on Pinterest and just had to make some.  I of course did mine differently and I think they turned out quite nice.  I used puffy paint around the hat bottoms and up the stems.  I have already sold the chubby purple/pink one.  They cost me about $1 to make plus my time (1 hour) and I'm selling them cheap $5 each.  I will be doing a craft show in December and these will be on my table along with some other crafts I will showcase on this blog.