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Friday, November 14, 2014

Jingle Bell Door Knob Hangers

This is a repost of a Christmas craft I posted on my sister blog Kids4Crafts that I share with my sister Victoria Lavender from Nov 27, 2008. I thought it was appropriate and deserved a reposting since it is such an easy craft and they look very nice on your door. I made these earlier this year for a Christmas in July show and I used pine cones on them also, really spruced them up, if I can find the photo I will post it at the bottom.  Instructions along with photos are below.

 photo jingle1.jpg
This was an extremely easy craft that just hit me as I was walking around Wal-Mart and caused me to immediately leave and head to the Dollar Tree. I thought of how I could make jingle bell doorknob hangers with bangle bracelets, curling ribbon and large jingle bells. Each jingle bell hanger cost me approximately $1 and I made them myself, I like that.

Materials Used: Sparkly Bangle Bracelets (3 in a pack for $1) Sparkly Curling Ribbon (3 colors for $1) Large Jingle Bells (Pack of 9 for $1) Scissors

 photo jingle2.jpg

Start by pulling a length of ribbon off the roll and tie the end to a large jingle bell leaving about 6 inches for curling. Use your scissors for curling your ribbon by pulling the ribbon between your thumb and the blade of the scissors.

 photo jingle3.jpg  photo jingle4.jpg

Hold your bell by the ribbon and tie onto the bangle braclet allowing it to hang approximately 6 inches from the braclet bottom, cut off about a foot length for curling. Do this to 3 bells, each one hanging 2 inches below the other until you have what you see in the photo below. 

 photo jingle5.jpg
Curl each length of cut off ribbon and you are finished (see first photo). I did add an additional 2 foot of ribbon tied and curled in the center to make the curls look fuller. You can add as many lengths of ribbon and curl as you want. 

This craft takes about 10-15 minutes from start to finish and will look quite nice hanging from your doorkknob this Christmas season. Happy Holidays!

Here is the one with the pine cones, looks quite nice doesn't it!  I drilled small holes in the tops of the pine cones and inserted and glued in small eye hooks that I tied to the ribbon.  A great addition to an already attractive item.

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  1. What a clever idea! Isn't it funny where and when inspiration hits us? Thanks for sharing with SYC.