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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Baskets and Cinnamon Almonds - Part II

The cinnamon almonds came out pretty good, but I recommend making sure your sheet is pretty well greased, my almonds stuck a little and I had to scrape them off and I think that took away some of the sweet cinnamon coating, but they are still delicious. If anybody wants the recipe I'll post it. The pot roast last night was soooooooooooo delicious, Mike is a good cook and he makes the best homemade GRAVY!

Christmas Baskets, I forgot to mention these in the last post, I am creating 2 christmas baskets and one Hannukah basket, I got two red and green round baskets with handles, and a black and natural wood round handled basket, each basket cost $1 at the Dollar Tree. So far I have made a microwave heating pad for each basket and I sewed them myself! My sister gave me this portable sewing machine and it worked great! I used lentils for the filling. I used 2 different patterns of plaid 100% cotton material, 100% cotton is important since they will be heated in the microwave. Each heating pad cost me approximately $2 to make. I also added to each basket a container of the cinnamon almonds in these cute little round plastic christmas jars with air-tight lids, cost is approximately $3 each including the jars. I found these nice square flat tins of christmas blend teas for each basket also, cost is $1.20 per tin. I always include a bottle of sparking cider, I got apple-pomegranite and apple-peach, and I found these lovely velvety christmas wine bottle bags with jingle bells on them, they look fabulous, cost is $3.50 each including the bag. The last thing I will add will be Cinnamon-Pecan Muffins, 3 muffins per basket, I already had the ingredients but needed to purchase a 1/2 cup bag of chopped pecans at $1.20 a bag. Lastly I will add some homemade ornament that I already have. The total cost per basket is approximately $10-11. Not bad for a christmas present that took alot of thought and preparation but will look like I spent $40!


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