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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frosted Sugar Cookie Cutouts and Gritty Fudge

Today Holly and I are making frosted sugar cookies, these are a tradition in my family since I can remember. These days though I use the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Sacks and use the cut-outs recipe on the back, they actually taste exactly like my mom's scratch sugar cookies. I also cheat on the frosting by using store bought icing instead of making my own butter cream frosting. I separate it into three bowls and make red, green, and blue frosting. I have a large collection of christmas cookie cutters, some are those old metal ones. I have my favorites and plan to make at least 4 dozen cookies. Fudge is also a tradition, old fashioned fudge, the gritty kind that dissolves in your mouth like sugar. It's my grandfather's recipe and probably his mom's recipe before that. I shared that recipe with Rene last year. I will attempt a batch of fudge tomorrow, it's sail or fail with this recipe, but this time I finally have a candy thermometer so I will know the exact temperature to pull off the stovetop and pour in a pan. If you don't have the precise temperature it won't set and we usually throw it back in the pan and try again. I'd love to make my first batch that set on the first try. Wish us luck!


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